Accessibility Services

Dylan Sheffer Consulting's Accessibility Services uses a combination of industry leading accessibility tools and manual testing methods to ensure that our audits provide the visibility needed to address potential accessibility issues.

Services include:

  • Advanced Audits performed using many of the industry's leading automated accessibility testing tools and proven manual testing methods against the latest WCAG 2.1 standard.
  • Audit results presented in a web based dashboard that can be easily shared and printed.
  • Going beyond the audit report and assist you all with writing, organizing, and prioritizing the work needed to reach the agreed upon goal.
  • Personally write the code needed to address specific issues and provide code reviews for accessibility-related tickets to verify that the issue has been addressed.

Custom Web App Development

All of my work is, by default:

  • Optimized for mobile. All front-ends are fully responsive, and tested across many devices and browsers.
  • Accessible. The web is for everybody. There is no compromise for creating an inclusive experience. With the increasing number of accessibility lawsuits each year, you can thank me later 😜.
  • Written with Modern code. All my front-end code is crafted semantic HTML, styled with modern CSS practices, and brought to life with the latest JavaScript features. (Note: All shiny and new pieces of code come with appropriate fall backs, so they can still be run on older browsers.)
  • Optimized for performance. My experiences feel lightweight and fast.

Help out your team

I am a Full-Stack Engineer with a passion for User Experience and Web Accessibility. I have worked for many companies and I am able to easily drop into an existing codebase or to start a project from scratch.

My greatest strength is my ability to collaborate with product owners, designers, and developers and translate each party's requirements and constraints into something that ultimately works for the end user.

I am the happiest when I am working on user-facing features, but I am also able to get my hands dirty and write the APIs, and database schemas needed to turn an idea into a reality.