Case Studies

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With the launch of this website, I am very excited to announce that I am finally an independent developer! I have created this site (the very one you're reading this on) as a reflection of what I value in web applications. It's fast, it's accessible…


  • Gatsby

  • Netlify

  • styled-components

Who's That Pokemon?!?

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Who's That Pokemon?!? is a full-stack quiz game based off of the famous segment of the Pokemon Anime . Its aesthetic is heavily inspired by the 98.css design system and my memory of an old Pokemon-themed Microsoft Paint clone called Pokémon…


  • React

  • Docker

  • GraphQL

  • PostgreSQL

Everyday A11y Presentation

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My talk Everyday A11y (formerly known as "Accessibility isn't Inaccessible") is an intro into what accessibility is (and isn't), how people with disabilities use assistive technology, and how the code we write is interpreted by assistive tech. I have…


  • Talk

  • Accessibility

  • Reveal.js

  • JavaScript