Dylan Sheffer

Full Stack Web Developer committed to building performant and inclusive web applications.

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What I Do

  • Accessibility Services

    Worried about section 508 compliance? Don't know what the WCAG is?

    Bring me for accessibility auditing, remediation services, and tailored workshops for your organization!

  • Custom Web App Development

    Whether you have an idea you're looking to bring to life or need some help with an existing project, I'm here to help!

  • Help out your team

    Have an important deadline looming and not enough team bandwidth to get the job done?

    I'm available as a developer for hire to add additional resources, so you can meet you company's goals on time.

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Case Studies


With the launch of this website, I am very excited to announce that I am finally…


  • Gatsby

  • Netlify

  • styled-components

Who's That Pokemon?!?

Who's That Pokemon?!? is a full-stack quiz game based off of the famous segment…


  • React

  • Docker

  • GraphQL

Everyday A11y Presentation

My talk Everyday A11y (formerly known as "Accessibility isn't Inaccessible") is…


  • Talk

  • Accessibility

  • Reveal.js

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Let's Work Together

Whether you need someone to help you launch an idea, make your application more accessible, or just provide some assistance on finishing a project, I am here to help! 😄

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